Sunday, May 27, 2012

Splendid Sunday

Last Saturday was the first "chicken day" at The Farm for the 2012 summer season.  We usually prepare our first local chicken simply roasted or cooked on the rotisserie for Memorial Day weekend but this time we decided on something different.  Today we're having an Indian Feast.  

As for the chicken, we're doing it Tandoori style on the grill.  I skinned the chicken, cut it into parts, cut slashes into the meat and it's in the fridge bathing in a deep red yogurt, ginger, garlic, hot chile and rich spice marinade.  We're also going to make homemade naan (the dough is rising.)  Punjabi gobi is also on the menu, which is my absolute favorite cauliflower dish ever.  It's stir-fried with garlic, ginger, cumin seeds and a pinch of garam masala.  So moreish!

I had a blast at the Indo-Pak market last week, I bought some papadums for our appetizer and made a spicy and tangy cilantro-mint chutney to go with them.  I bought some mango pickle, a bunch of whole and mixed-ground spices and some ghee.   There will be some good food porn to come!

I'm taking tomorrow off from the gym because Rob has the day off so I left Rob and Tally in bed this morning and hit the gym for my weight lifting workout.  Like vegetables with every meal, my weight lifting is non-negotiable, top priority.  I feel great and I'm really looking forward to enjoying our feast with a cold, crisp glass of gewurztraminer alongside.  

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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