Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farmer's Market Tuesday

Busy day today, I was up and out early to the farmer's market. I missed last week because of my leg issues so I was excited to go.  

I whipped up a green smoothie "to go."  This was a small ripe banana, two big handfuls of spinach, one cup of raw kefir and two scoops of brown rice protein powder.  Surprisingly good staying power for a smoothie.

Kennesaw farmer's market.   I will miss this when we move.  The vendors are all so nice and the produce is always fresh and delicious.  Speaking of vendors...

Josh of Backyard Beddie's selling me a big bag of heirloom pole beans.  Josh uses no sprays or fertilizer on any of his produce and he always has such unusual varieties.   I can't wait to cook the beans up, they are delicate, tender and very fresh and green tasting.  They have pretty purple striations on them.

Here's my take, I spent $28.50.  Two dozen local farm eggs, heirloom pole beans, a fat stripey squash, two basil plants (that I potted this afternoon,) half dozen ears sweet white corn, a cantaloupe, peaches, a slicing cucumber, a sweet green chile pepper, the first pattypan squashes of the season and some beautiful red, gold and orange tomatoes.

This came from Publix, where I headed after the farmer's market, it's a long pepper.  I needed a hot pepper for my salsa.  How could I not buy this?  "S" is for Spicy!  After I cleaned out the fridge and put all my shopping away, it was time for lunch.

The clean out the fridge dipping platter.  The last of the peppers, romaine, cucumber, dip and lunch meat.   After lunch I cleaned bathrooms, stripped bed , started laundry and a few kitchen projects.

First up, lacto-fermented mayo.  The last batch did not turn out but today it came out perfect.  Light, creamy, silky and tangy.  Mayo is a fickle mistress but she's worth it, I try to avoid genetically-modified soybean oil so I make my own.

Then Rob's favorite, creamy tomato soup.  I will post the recipe in another post, it is so good!  Once all the house work was done, kitchen was clean dishwasher emptied it was time to start all over again.  Supper!

Fish tacos on small corn and whole wheat tortilla with spicy sauce, three color slaw and grilled corn salsa.

The salsa was insane.  I grilled the corn to get a nice char on it and mixed it with diced red, gold and orange tomatoes, sliced scallions, chopped cilantro and diced peppers (the long hot pepper and sweet pepper from the farmer's market) then I seasoned it with salt and squeezed over the juice of one lime.  Great heat from the long pepper balanced out by the sweetness of the corn.  

Really delicious supper, it felt good to be off my feet.  Now if I could only get Princess Pointy Toes off the sofa to load the dishwasher for me.

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  1. That is such beautiful produce! I want those heirloom beans and I want them now. You will have to tell us what you did with them & how delicious they were.