Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First Training Session

I got four sessions with the trial gym package I bought and had my first session this morning.  The first half was a Q&A about my exercise and eating history and my goals.  The second half was a really good workout, I learned a few new moves to help strengthen the muscles around my knees.  Tyler really worked with me to modify to keep it no impact but still give me a good full-body workout.  He kept increasing the weights on me as he gauged my strength, so I know he's not afraid to let his clients lift heavy. 

It was a really positive experience up until the moment he asked me to keep a food journal.  My throat closed!  I know many of you have or have had food issues or triggers, after all, you're reading the writings of the Queen of All Food Issues.  Isn't is amazing what can set us off?  I explained my issue with it, how it triggers my inner rebel and smacks of restriction (in my head it made perfect sense but when I said it out loud I sounded like a head case) and he said no one likes to keep a food journal, how all his clients balk at it.  He put my fears at ease and said he's not interested in calories or anything.  He just wants to get a sense of what food I eat and more importantly what times.

I'm still not thrilled with it.  I'm thinking of ways to make it less of an issue for me.  Perhaps I will do a few days worth of photo journaling here on the blog and send him the links so he can see what I'm eating.  It will give me a chance to share some food porn with you and it won't seem like keeping a food journal at all because this blog is such a safe place for me.  

My next session is Friday and food journal notwithstanding, I'm definitely looking forward to it.  Have you ever worked with a trainer, what was your experience?


  1. No trainer experience to report, but I would dearly love more recipes and food porn.

    I've had mixed results with food journals. I don't think they inspire me toward problematic eating habits, but I do have a hard time following through. They can be good for me for the first few days because they somehow inspire me to start planning my meals ahead (so I can be proud of the entries), but then I get lazy and just stop. And they also somehow inspire me to be less than honest. I don't want to write down the bad I stop.

  2. Kaki~ you bring up a great point about not wanting to be totally honest with food journaling! I've photographed my meals today so far, so I think I'm going to go with that option for now.