Friday, June 15, 2012

Foodie Friday


This has been one of those truly pleasant days.  We're sitting on the deck this evening, our bellies full of delicious food enjoying the balmy breeze. 

Another good eating day, no grain yesterday and today and most of tomorrow, too, because tomorrow is date night.  We rarely dine at restaurants when we're not on vacation, in fact the last time we did was in St. Augustine in March.  I want to be excited about dining out, and there is just not that many places to get excited about around here.  I'm a total food snob and not a fan of chain restaurants.  But new place opened up in Woodstock that has a very promising menu (the drinks and dessert menu made me swoon!)   I'll share more details and hopefully some good reviews and food porn over the weekend.

I started my day with some home brewed ginger kombucha...

and some warm, rich bone broth.  I owe you guys a big broth post.  I'm learning what a nutrition power house it is and drinking it daily makes me feel so good and makes my skin look really nice. 

8am breakfast was a "1-minute muffin." This one is banana flax, a mashed banana whisked with one whole egg then 2 tablespoons of golden flax meal and 1/2 teaspoon baking powder stirred in.  I nuked it then put a blob of Cabot Greek yogurt on top.  Easy, filling, delicious.

Kona coffee in my Jamie Oliver mug.


I made my green recovery drink to take to the gym with me.  This is non-GMO brown rice protein powder blended with raw kefir and spinach leaves.  I throw some ice cubes in the shaker so it stays cold in my locker.  I drank this just after my workout at noon.

1pm, I was starving like a hostage for lunch.  I made a huge dipping platter.  Romaine hearts, cucumbers, baby peppers, avocado and some chicken (from the broth) with one of my favorite dips, homemade Thousand Island, which is just homemade mayo, ketchup and chopped cornichons.  I was so full, I actually had food left on my plate.  WHAT!?! 


2pm more broth.  It's totally not weird to drink hot broth out of a mug in Georgia in June.  Not when it is so good for the skin, bones and immune system!  

Here is the mise for dinner.  My Dad was raving about a dish he made, bone-in, skin-on chicken breast layered with fresh herbs and lemons cooked on a soaked cedar plank on the grill.  I didn't happen to have a cedar plank so I improvised with a baking tray and a makeshift smoking pan (hickory chips in a loaf pan, covered with foil with some holes poked in it. Simple!)

35 minutes on the grill set at about 400 with a nice smoke going.  It smelled amazing!

 6:30 dinner, chicken with zucchini, squash, mushrooms and onions sauteed in a bit of butter and white wine finished with a sprinkle of Romano cheese.  The chicken was perfect, juicy and full of lemon and herb flavor and just the right about of smoke.  The vegetables were succulent!

Keep sharing what you're eating in the comments, I love to read about it!

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