Wednesday, July 11, 2012

100% Natural

After this morning's haircut my hair is now 100% natural. Lots of silver there, but I like it! It is so liberating not to be beholden to that box of color every three weeks.   What do you think?

I stocked up at the farmer's market and Whole Foods yesterday and got right into the first day of The Whole 30 today.  No sense in "waiting until Monday."   I made up a batch of mini-vegetable frittatas yesterday afternoon and today I made a batch of hash with onion, celery, yam, apple and ground pork flavored with poultry seasoning.  I ended up eating it for lunch and it was so delicious.  Now I have plenty of non-dairy, non-grain breakfasts at the ready.

I made supper and it's chilling in the fridge, one of my favorites, Thai Lettuce Cups.  I had to alter the recipe a little to make sure no hidden sugar got in via the condiments.  No wonder so many of us are sugar addicts, there is sugar everything.  Normally I wouldn't sweat the sugar in a teaspoon of sriracha hot sauce but I'm doing this thing to benefit my health and I don't want to half ass it.  

Coffee isn't a forbidden fruit on The Whole 30 unless you think that you are dependent on it.  I skipped it because I don't like it black.  I'm feeling pretty good so far, we shall see how it goes.  It's a lot easier than a juice fast, that's for sure.


  1. BEAUTIFUL. I'm wishing mine would change more quickly. Go earth mama!!!!! :)

  2. So so pretty!!! Wishing mine would change more quickly. Earth mama!!! ;)