Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Champion Double Dry Athletic Wear

One issue I have about going to the gym is making sure I have the appropriate clothing to wear.  I'm not talking about being a fashion plate, I'm talking about comfort and proper fit.  I don't like things that are too clingy, which makes me feel self conscious and that can take away from focusing on my workout.  

When I first started working out, I realized the first thing I needed was a good sports bra.  I have big breasts that sag.  That's what a lifetime of obesity and yo-yo dieting gets you.  I've learned to live with it but there is nothing worse than working out in the wrong bra.  Oh, the horrors of pinching, riding up and the dreaded bounce.  It's not easy to find a good sports bra just anywhere when you have DD's.  Most companies that manufacture athletic gear for women tend to think we all look like Jennifer Aniston.  Well, we don't and we all deserve to have good workout gear no matter our size or fitness level.

Thank goodness for Champion athletic wear.  They have bras in a large variety of sizes and although they don't all work for me, I found one that works.  Behold, the Powersleek!  It's available up to a 44DDD.  I love this bra.  It's a bit like body armor, it straps my bewbs down and does not move.  It's also made of the Double Dry fabric so it wicks moisture away, which is great.  It's comfortable despite the maximum support. It's a bit pricey but it wears like iron.  My first one only just wore out after several years of regular use.

I was also excited to find that Champion also makes plus size workout gear in the Double Dry fabric.  I purchased a pair of pants and two shirts and I LOVE THEM. They are so cool and comfortable.  They don't cling or ride up.  They slip right back into place.  They drape beautifully and the sleeves are generous enough that I don't feel self conscious of my flappy bingo arms.  They wash and wear well and do not wrinkle.  My one complaint is the fabric on the shirts can catch and snag fairly easily, but that's not a deal breaker for me.  

You can sometimes find the plus size bras and gear at the Champion/Hanes outlets on promotion.  If you want to shop online, be sure to sign up for ebates.  Champion offers 5% cash back though ebates and sometimes it's on the daily double!  

I really appreciate a company who realizes that everyone should have proper fitting workout clothes not matter what size or shape you are!  If you fear working out because you don't look like Jennifer Aniston and don't have anything to wear, give the Champion gear a try.  

Note~ This is an unsolicited review.  Items were purchased by me and this review is uncompensated.

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  1. I play soccer and I have found that Title 9 also has some faaaantastic sports bras. They aren't cheap (topping out around 50-60 bucks) but they are durable, comfortable and they control the chaos (they rate the "bounce" in little barbells)and they come in all sizes (for a few up to a 48F)
    Check em out.