Friday, August 3, 2012

My Paleo Pantry

Ooooh, there it is, "The P Word!"  Has she done it, has she joined the Cult of Caveman, gone to The Dark (Meat) Side?  Well, maybe.  As you know I'm not a big fan of diets or diet labels.  I've talked about it plenty before, there is no quick fix, there is no magic bullet and that diet mentality leads to nothing but a fatter ass and a skinnier wallet.  But I am in favor of eating real, traditional, deeply nourishing food and it just turns out that the Paleo style of eating real food is really working for me and my body.  

I'm going to talk about what breaking free of sugar (and grains which convert to sugar) has done for me more in a future post.  But now I want to share what I bought this morning at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods as an extension of my food shopping post from the other day. I loved reading about your food shopping trips and still would love to hear from more of you! *taps foot impatiently*

I needed some pantry staples that I can't get the regular supermarket, here's what I bought...

Trader Joe's   
Almond butter, crunchy and salted
2 pounds of Kerrygold Irish butter (to make ghee, it's grassfed)
1 liter of cold pressed EVOO from Italy (for cooking)
1 bottle of my favorite Sicilian EVOO for drizzling (it's buttery and very flavorful)
1 jar of Spanish saffron threads
1 package of dried, unsweetened and unsulphured pineapple rings (I was so happy when I found these)

Total $39.69

Whole Foods
1 dozen pastured eggs (to get me through until I get to the farm next week)
2 bottles of raw coconut aminos (to use in place of tamari and Worcestershire sauce, which contain soy and sugar respectively) 
6 cans of full fat coconut milk 
1 jar of French Celtic sea salt
2 jars of Bubbie's traditionally fermented dill pickles (refrigerated, but still very much a staple around here)
2 jars of Bubbie's traditionally fermented saurkraut (")

Total $59.84

What pantry staples are your must haves?

I also splurged on a freshly pressed kale, apple, ginger, wheatgrass juice at Whole Foods.  Sure, I juice for  myself but it felt so indulgent to let someone else do it for a change.  A bit of sticker shock at $7 but worth every penny and it was delicious.  And Rob bought me flowers at Trader Joe's, he just doesn't know it yet because he's in Chicago for another week.  Heee!  I could not resist these Pink Flash Spray Roses.

Variegated flowers and greenery are my favorite, check out all the shade of pink in this beauty!

Now it's time for my Chiropractic visit, Dr. Melodi is going to be thrilled to hear of my progress. Have a fabulous Friday!


  1. I've found that I'm naturally buying less pasta lately although I'm not trying to follow any particular diet. It just doesn't seem to fill me up or sate my hunger anymore.

    The one gluten filled item I can't quite seem to kick out of my diet is crackers. I like something crunchy and carby to go with tuna salad, egg salad, cheese, sardines and hummus. I've tried a few gluten free replacements, but they tasted like styrofoam. Any suggestions?

  2. I definitely understand wanting crunch with sandwich filling salads when eating them sans bread. I love the Organic Girl romaine hearts to use as my bread and crackers. They are very crunchy and sturdy for scooping. Not sure of any GF options, but try the Gluten Free Goddess website for a recipe for crackers.

  3. My pantry staples usually are nuts of some sort, plus dates and dried pineapples. You were asking about the no sugar pineapple (mine is low sugar), but you can get a lot of sugar free dried fruit from

  4. Having changed to a paleo lifestyle in January of this year...but still putting all the pieces together...I can tell you that I must have coconut oil in my pantry. I am just happy that the warehouse store here is now selling it. I also love to have dried coconut flakes (no sugar) when I need something a bit crunchy.

    I love coconut aminos. I need to go and get some more tomorrow. I wish i could find it at stores other than WHole Foods.

    The flowers are beautiful!

  5. Lynn, coconut oil is a must, I buy four at a time at Trader Joe's, even give it to Tally. And I love flaked coconut. If I'm going to stick with paleo/primal I'm going to have to start buying in bulk to save a penny.

  6. Peanut butter is my pantry essential. Almond butter sounds delicious.