Monday, August 20, 2012

New Goodie~ Nesco Food Dehydrator

The day my rebate check arrived, one of the food dehydrators I was watching went on sale for the same amount as my check.  Serendipity!

By the way, if you do much online shopping and you're not signed up with Ebates, DO IT!  It's so easy, not a scam and totally free money.  You just need to sign up and before shopping, click over to Ebates to search for the store (there are tons affiliated) you want to shop from and click to shop.  Each quarter you'll get a rebate check  for the money accumulated from your purchases.  Awesome!

Back to the dehydrator, it's the Nesco American Harvest FD-37 400 Watt Food Dehydrator.

Why a dehydrator?  Primarily so I can make beef jerky that is free of soy and sugar and make my own raw vegetable chips that are free of industrial seed oils.  I chose this model because it was a great price, it isn't too big, it fits nicely on the pantry shelf, and had some good reviews.

There is a base that works as the first tray and four stacking trays that sit on top of each other. It's also expandable to seven trays.  This machine fits much more than I thought it would at first glance.  It also works quickly and effectively.  It's fairly noisy, but I ran it overnight for the veggies and didn't hear a thing while we were sleeping.

About 8 hours to dry zucchini and sweet potatoes into a pile of crunchy and munchy chips that were absolutely delicious lightly seasoned with garlic salt.  Heaven to scoop up mashed avocado!

And four hours to dry over three pounds of marinated London broil into chewy and spicy beef jerky.  It makes a great on the go snack and perfect post-workout protein.

When you're cooking everything from scratch, it's really nice to have something quick and easy that fits into the nutritious and delicious lifestyle.

I've only had my new gadget for a few days but I look forward to making dried pineapple rings next time pineapple goes on sale. 


  1. How could I have never heard of
    one of these things?
    I love the idea of the chips!

  2. Food dehydrators are perfect for people who want to make nutritious food that can be easily stored to be used in meals and as snacks later. Cooking healthy meals can be a challenge because they typically require special appliances, time and a lot of kitchen space.Here

  3. Nice review on nesco fd 37a. I love making jerky with it much...than any other items.