Monday, August 27, 2012

New Goodie~ Pure Wraps

I stopped into a small Mom and Pop health food store near the gym this morning to check out the place. It's like a mini-Whole Foods with only with fair prices.  I was surprised by the great selection.  I was so excited when I saw they had Pure Wraps.  I had read about Pure Wraps on the Whole 9 website but hadn't seen them anywhere local.  I chose the curry flavor because everything tastes better with curry!

Pure Wraps are a limited ingredient, grain and gluten free alternative to traditional sandwich breads and wraps.  They contain NO sweeteners, artificial or otherwise, no industrial oils, no soy, they are GMO free and contain only coconut meat, coconut water, Himalayan sea salt and curry flavor. 

Pure wraps are paper thin but very sturdy.  The curry-coconut aroma is very appealing!

I layered on avocado mashed with salt and lime, mixed baby kale greens and leftover roast chicken.

It rolled up beautifully and stayed together very well.

My lunch wrap was delicious!  I'm really excited to have Pure Wraps accessible to me for an occasional lunch treat and will definitely be handy for when I want to make enchiladas or fajitas!  They are pricey at $5.49 for a package of four wraps but well worth it for a product that fits the bill of nutritious and delicious.

Have you tried Pure Wraps?


  1. only 70 kcal per piece?! it's awesome:) :)

  2. This is similar to what we call as popia skin in my place. I think this is a great idea for lunch.

  3. Oh that looks great! I reading the list of what was not in it and was happy to see that there was no soy. I feel like if something is grain free or nut free it always includes soy and I hate it!

    How did it taste? Curry sounds great!

  4. It can be tough finding things without soy, but I manage! The pure wraps are yummy.