Monday, August 6, 2012

Opportunities and Priorities

With each meal, each day we have an opportunity.  In fact, we have several opportunities.  

With each meal I have the opportunity to make my meal the most enjoyable that I can.  After all, eating should be a pleasurable experience.  I try to layer flavors and textures to make the food I'm serving to my husband and myself delicious and satisfying.  

With each meal I have the opportunity to nourish my body by making sure there is a variety of health-giving ingredients represented on the plate.  Take life one plate at a time, if one meal of the day was a less than healthy option, THE DAY IS NOT BLOWN!!!  You have another two meals to make nourishing choices.

With each meal I have the opportunity to vote with my dollars.  Each time I choose local or organic or sustainable or unprocessed whole foods I am telling Monsanto and ConAgra and McDonald's and the rest of Big food that I don't want their genetically modified, highly processed and addictive edible food-like substances that I (and they) know will harm my health.

About priorities, please read this article.  It's an important one. 


  1. This is very motivating. And I completely agree. It's good to be an opportunist sometimes, especially when it comes to things we believe in.

  2. Rock on! I love how you phrased this and the message it conveys. I love your posts. Keep up the great work!