Friday, August 31, 2012

Primeval Deliciousness

Last day of August, so happy it's almost over. August in GA is long and hot and I'm always thrilled when the calendar flips to September. Here's a bunch of food porn from what I ate this month. Looking over these photos, I think it's safe to say that embracing a Whole 9/Primal lifestyle is definitely nutritious and delicious, varied and satisfying. I'll talk more about the lifestyle aspect in another post. But for now, let's eat!


"Paleo Porridge"  ground nuts, raisins, cinnamon and coconut milk heated up.  Absolutely delicious!  Small portion because nuts are high in Omega 6 and too much can be inflammatory.  It's also quite filling, much more so than one serving of oatmeal, and it kept me much longer.  The Standard American Diet is overblown with Omega 6 from industrial oils which is one of the reasons it's so unhealthy.

Green eggs with green olives and Bubbie's sauerkraut.  I blended spinach into the eggs in the Vitamix before cooking.  I aim to have vegetables with just about every meal and this just one more way of getting them in.

Sunday, that means BACON!  Pastured eggs scrambled in homemade ghee, Bubbie's pickles and Coleman's bacon, my absolute favorite.

Pastured local ham steak.  It's not cured ham, it's just a cut of pork that we seasoned with salt and pepper.  Fried eggs and pickles.  Bubbie's pickles and sauerkraut pull double duty, they are vegetables but they are also fermented and traditionally fermented foods are crucial to gut health which is where your immune system lives.  Heal your gut and you will be much less likely to get sick.  No flu shot for me, thanks!

Meat and spinach muffins from  Well Fed: Paleo Recipes for People Who Love to Eat.  Although I used kale and added a shredded sweet potato.  Very portable, very tasty!

Omelet on leftover smashed sweet potato.  I have mastered making an omelet in a stainless steel pan thanks to the Barefoot Contessa.  Hot pan, cold fat and nothing will ever stick.  Thanks Ina!

Breakfast hash with eggs over easy.  The creamy yolk dribbling over the crusty hash is a revelation!

Another bacon Sunday.

Avocado, omelet and cantaloupe.

Eggy muffins and cantaloupe.

Leftover roast chicken over a chopped salad and homemade herb dressing.

Beef burger and friends.  I only ate one of those pickles.

Peppers filled with chicken salad.

BBQ chicken, baby peppers and pickles.

Leftover BBQ chicken, green olives and kiwi.

Chicken salad over leftover smashed sweet potato.

Leftover cinnamon beef stew from Well Fed over smashed sweet potato.

Tuna salad with green and briny things.

Waldorf tuna salad.  Nuts and apples and herbs and celery and onion.  So yum!


Shrimp, melange of leftover vegetables.  I cook them in batches so there is always veggies at the ready.  Homemade seafood sauce on the side.  It's just homemade mayo and hot sauce but it's GOOD.

Pre-dinner salad.  I often do a green salad before dinner.  We love beets here at Shady Dame.

Country Captain Chicken from Well Fed with a side of zudles.  This chicken dish is a keeper.  I've made it several times.  You must try it!  Here's a link to the recipe.

Cinnamon Beef Stew with a side of cauliflower puree.

I made the Country Captain Chicken again, this time I cooked it over a bed of sliced sweet potato rounds.

Pastured pork carnitas, Rick Bayless method.  I marinated the meat in garlic and lime.  Served with avocado crema and wrapped in tender Boston lettuce leaves.

Crab cakes with roasted red pepper drizzle with roasted cauliflower and broccoli.

Zudles Bolognese with a dollop of ricotta, my soul food and I enjoyed every bite.  I didn't enjoy the cold symptoms the store bought ricotta caused the next morning.  Will have to be more diligent in sourcing grass-fed and raw cheese.

Steak with roasted broccolini and delicata squash.  These veggies were in my delivered produce box yesterday.  That squash was so sweet and creamy, I even ate the peel.  Tonight I'm making Crunchy Joyful Fingers with roasted kabocha squash, also from the produce box.  

This isn't everything I ate the whole month but a good representation.  Going forward, I will make an effort to make the "what I've eaten" posts on a weekly basis. I can't do it daily because that would be boring for you and like Sweet Brown says, "ain't nobody got time for dat!"  This one was way too long, so here's your reward for making it to the end...


  1. The cinnamon stew sounds interesting. I got hooked on the cinnamon with savory when we ate at a Moroccan restaurant. We had these cinnamon spiced meatballs in a kofta sauce that was soooo good!

  2. Moroccan food is so good, I love that they cook with dried fruit, too. That sweet savory sensation is one of my favorites!