Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Spam

Just three days remain in my first official Whole 30.  Watch this space for a rundown of all the positive changes eliminating inflammation producing foods has helped me achieve.  For now, have a look at some Paleo food porn.  As always, questions, comments and specific recipes requests are most welcome.  Let's eat!

Curried chicken salad with romaine hearts.  This one is similar to the Barefoot Contessa's recipe.  I omit the chutney, sub fresh grapes for the raisins and use homemade mayonnaise.  I make my own mayo because it is impossible to find commercial mayo that isn't made with some sort of industrial oil like soybean or canola, which people still insist on calling "heart healthy" and that could be nothing further from the truth.  See for yourself.
Canola (modified rapeseed oil) is produced by heating the rapeseed and processing with a petroleum solvent to extract the oil. Then another process of heat and addition of acid is used to remove nasty solids (wax) that occur during the first processing.~ Wellness Mama

Breakfast has with turkey, sweet potato, celery, onions and broccoli rabe.

Pineapple Ribs in the crockpot.  I think I cooked it too long, the ribs fell apart.  I'm a fan of being able to knaw the meat off the bone.  It was delicious, tangy, sweet, smokey and succulent.

Boiled eggs over breakfast hash with of a perfect summer Georgia peach and a sliced kiwi.  This is exactly how I like my eggs.  I put them in the gently boiling water cold from the fridge and cook for 7 minutes.  The yolk comes out like the center of a Cadbury creme egg!

Chicken Fried "Rice" with bok choi.  Rob has become a convert to cauliflower rice!

More perfect eggs with Bubbie's pickles and rich, ripe avocado.  Try dunking the avocado in the yolk, it's outrageous!

Some tuna with lemon, mayo and avocado with romaine hearts.  


Grilled hot dogs with pickles and mustard in a green "bun" with more pickles and baby peppers and dip.  There can never be too many pickles.

Four egg omelet cooked in pastured ghee with Bubbie's saurkraut and avocado.  This breakfast kept me so long that I didn't need lunch that day.  I ate a few cold shrimp as a late afternoon snack then at supper at the regular time.  As my wise Nana always said, "Eat an egg, it will keep you."

Mega-Burger Salad.  Bonus points if you catch the reference.

And this morning's breakfast with fruit and a coconut cappu.  I made this beautiful pie yesterday as my friend Jen came for an early lunch.  I wanted something delicious to serve to company all the while keeping to the W30 code.  This was a success.  Caramelized balsamic onions, sauteed diced sweet potatoes and ground turkey bound together with a mixture of eggs and coconut flour.  Mmmm, pie!


  1. Lots of yummy foods here. I'd like some of that curry chicken please!

  2. Girlie, I keep meaning to get this recipe from you, it was SO delicious!! We need to get together soon, missing you and Tally. :)