Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whole 30 Shopping Trip

I'm really excited!  I spoke with my sister, Mother and Auntie today, they are all going to be doing a Whole 30!  They love the idea of stripping back and clearing the body of addiction to processed food and sugar.  I've been getting questions from them on and off all day today and I have been thrilled to answer them.  I know they'll have a hard first week but then I'll be looking forward to hearing all the good things that will likely follow.

I've been food shopping today.  I'd like to share what I purchased today in case any of you are interested in trying a Whole 30.  Have a look and see, while you do have to eliminate some foods, there is still plenty of nutritious and delicious things to eat. 

This all came from Publix, my local supermarket.  I did not feel like driving out to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods today.

Two whole organic chickens (one for the freezer, one for Saturday dinner, leftovers for chicken salad)
Two 1 pound packages of organic ground turkey (one for freezer, one for breakfast hash)
One pound of grass fed, local ground beef (will make a burger salad for dinner one night and with the rest make a meatloaf to have for "emergency protein")
A package of Applegate Farms organic uncured grass fed beef hot dogs.  The only one that had NO sugar added.  
A pound of wild shrimp (SugarMama is coming for lunch tomorrow, making shrimp and avocado salad with lemon and garlic aioli)

Big bag of multi color mini sweet peppers (for snacks and salads)
English cucumber (for snacks and salad)
green onions
Two packages of Organic Girl romaine hearts (these are my bread and my favorite salad fixing)
Two pound package of carrots (for snacks for me and Tally)
Package of celery hearts (for chicken salad and snacks)
Package of green beans (for amandine with roast chicken)
Three pounds of sweet potatoes (two big ones for breakfast hash, two small ones for side dishes)
Five Haas avocados 
Four fat little kiwi fruits
Package of fresh strawberries

Dry Goods
Two liters of light olive oil, on sale yay (to make mayo)
Nine liters of fizzy water, assorted essences
A tin of macadamia nuts 
Package of raw walnut halves
Package of organic raisins
Four packages of Twinnings green tea (on clearance for $1.49 each, to cold brew with fresh herbs)
A pack of 100 black Tetley tea bags (on clearance for $1.59, to make kombucha)

With tax the total was $138.82.  

How does this compare, items and cost-wise, to your weekly shopping?  I'd love to hear!


  1. Cost-wise, it's pretty similar to what we spend. And I'm glad to see it. Sometimes I feel like we spend too much for a couple with no kids.

    As far as items, we're healthy-eating vegetarians, which means we're mostly at odds with the Whole 30/primal thing. My husband has been a vegetarian his entire life; I'm not sure that he could even digest meat if he wanted to. I know that some people try it anyway, but it seems really forced. Our veggies and dry goods are pretty similar. Substitute your proteins for the blasphemous whole grains, legumes, and dairy. I do try to avoid soy meat substitutes. We have tofu once in a blue moon, and I keep fake sausages in the freezer for breakfast emergencies.

    Have you thought about switching Tally over to raw food? We moved our dog to raw from a top-end kibble, and it made the kind of difference in his health that you're seeing in yours.

  2. I don't think that whole grains, legumes or dairy are blasphemous, I just gain weight so easily on grains and have a hard time digesting legumes. I look forward to adding some dairy back, I miss that sprinkle of Romano cheese!

    Raw food diet did not agree with Tally at all, we tried that first when we adopted her because I heard so many good things about it. She got chronic bouts of diarrhea from it, I think it was just too rich for her system.

  3. Oh, I didn't mean that "blasphemous" as a jab at you--I just find that some of those primal/paleo diet advocates take themselves very, very seriously. I think the most important thing is to really cut down/out the sugar and processed foods. After that, from my perspective, it's about knowing your personal needs.

    Too bad about the raw food! We had the opposite problem--the kibble was causing some kind of food allergy.

  4. Really healthy stuff. Our grocery bill is about the same, though we don't eat as healthy as you do. Need to start thinking about organic chickens.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Andra! Here in Florida I shop at Publix and the local farmer's markets (we have 2). I love Publix but I wish they would provide more variety with organic produce. The organic chicken you you pick up their greenwise line?

  6. Slowerdays, you said "knowing your personal needs." Yes, this is it exactly!

    Reesie, the chickens I bought were Greenwise. I like them, they were $1.99/pound. I also like the organic chickens from Costco at about $2.29/pound.

    Fit Mommy, do the best you can and keep learning about what are the healthiest options you can feed your family on the budget you have to work with.

  7. I haven't actually been to the store in over a week except for a quick stop for toothpaste, but I think our weekly bill is probably quite similar to yours. I know that I usually spend between $100 and $150 at the big grocery store -- and the vast majority of what I buy there is produce (mainly fruits and onions in the summer since the CSA gives us greens and tomatoes), dairy (whole organic milk and cheese), legumes (although I admit to buying canned!), spices, chicken, pork and drinks/smoothie thinners (fizzy waters, coconut milk, almond milk and coconut water). I never buy grocery store beef since I mainly use venison as our red meat, and I buy my olive oil from a local specialty shop.

    I MISS Whole Foods and Sunflower (which was a CO chain similar to Trader Joe's). I love our local co-op for prepared foods, tea and coffee, but everything else there is prohibitively expensive. For example, the same jar of tahini I get at the big chain store is $2 more a jar!