Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Spam

Look at this huge Tiger Swallowtail that was hanging in my herb garden!  I had the lens just a few inches away and she did not move.  I love when I see all the critters in and around the pots, but they rarely stay still long enough to grab the camera and get the shot.

This shot is not magnified, I really was this close.  The tail is so lovely. Perhaps I'll use this beauty as inspiration for a manicure using these colors.  Now onto the food.

This dinner was awesome.  Steak griddled in ghee, roasted delicata squash and broccolini.  Sometimes the simplest meals are the most satisfying.  And eating primal has really simplified things!

Omelet, sauerkraut and juicy juicy pluots that came in the garden box.

Crunchy Joyful Fingers and roasted acorn squash.

Scrambled eggs and watermelon.

My new favorite simple salad that my sister turned me on to.  It's just peppers, spicy olive oil and salt.  It is a bowl full of sweet, salty, crunchy deliciousness.  You must try it!

Chicken and mango coconut curry.  Simply chicken, coconut milk, an underripe mango, Thai red curry paste, Thai red chilies and scallions cooked on low for 6 hours.  I stirred in blanched curly kale at the end.  This dish has potential but the spice wasn't quite there.  The kale was an awesome addition, worked well with the combination.

Behold, Lemon Chicken!  I followed the recipe pretty closely except  for a few changes.  I butchered a whole chicken rather than using parts, I used browned ghee instead of butter and marinated for 4 hours.  I also did not reuse the marinade.  It just seemed icky to me and really wasn't necessary. 

It turned out beautifully, the lemon flavor was SO THERE!  I poured the pan drippings into the gravy separator and drizzled the luscious lemony pan sauce over the meat.  Keeper!

Leftover lemon chicken, peppers, evoo and salt.  Such a great lunch.  I even ate it for breakfast one day at work.

Beef Stroganoff over steamed cauliflower, which soaked up all the gravy so nicely.

While I was making supper on Tuesday, I set a package of organic ground beef on the counter to defrost.  I really wanted the cheeseburger salad for supper the next day.  But I forgot to put it in the fridge before I went to bed.  I was gutted when I had to throw that meat away the next morning.  Gah!  I usually set my phone to remind me of these things but I forgot.  Some days I need a bloody reminder to set the reminder.  That led me to Publix after work (remind me to tell you how going paleo/primal has made me a morning person and now I work the day shift) where I picked up some beautiful wild caught Florida pink shrimp and made this salad for supper.

Shrimp, avocado, peppers, scallions on a bed of greens in a spicy Thai inspired dressing (lime, hot sauce, fish sauce and mayo.)  Those shrimp where so amazing.  Rob happily had that English classic, beans on toast.


  1. I occassionally get a delivery from a local service and today I am getting delicata squash and broccolini :) Maybe I will have to get some steak too! :) Everything looks great!