Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Is it the Weekend Yet?

My life is pretty sweet and for that I am thankful but the last few days have been a lot to take.  Rob being away makes a rough patch rougher without his hugs to make it better.  

I ran into a neighbor on Saturday while out walking the dog.  She looked great, really fit, and I told her so.  Then she proceeded to make a comment that really made me feel bad about *my* size.  She is apparently misinformed about my blog.  Knowing only the name, she seems to think it's about gluttony and laziness.  You may have seen my facebook post about the incident.  I've spent the better part of the last four years (yes, it's my 4th blogging anniversary this month) working hard to improve every aspect of my health and while I may not look like a 120 pound yoga instructor, I have been quite successful at it.  Not taking fat shaming to heart is easier said then done.  

I had a filling replaced earlier this year and have been having some sensitivity in the area which turned into a full blown toothache waking me out of a dead sleep on Saturday night. Nothing worse than a toothache!  I got an emergency appointment with the dentist this afternoon and found out I have to have root canal procedure.  I got a prescription for some pain pills which has taken the edge off and hopefully will help me get some sleep tonight.

Then my brakes started grinding yesterday.  So most likely new brake pads on Thursday.

And the upstairs toilet is leaking so there was a mess to clean.  Rob is going to have to put on his plumber hat when he arrives home tomorrow.

So it's only Tuesday and I feel like I've been through the ringer.  I'm nervous about seeing the Endodontist, the most dental work I've ever had to have was a filling or two.  Wish me luck and send good vibes for a much better rest of the week!


  1. Good luck Andra, I too have a bit of teh crazy, including the tooth ache and need of root canal, but have surgery next week and not sure whether to take care of it now or wait it out if the pain dies. Sometimes life throws boulders at us, but its inspiring to see how graciously you handle yours!

  2. Thanks Karin, I can't wait to have the procedure over with because I'm traveling to visit my family in a couple of weeks. I need to make sure I'm feeling well for that. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Some people are just assholes. I am trying to lose weight, I go to the gym every day (okay, so maybe I need to back off the wine!), but my boss?

    She is a size 6, eats peanut butter cups all day, and one Lean Cuisine. She's not once, but at least a dozen times come out of her office to declare "pants are getting so loose!" only to look at me and say "I didn't mean to say that in front of you."

    Whatevs! Hope the rest of your week gets better!!

  4. I can't believe that was your neighbor! And the circumstance, taking a compliment and insulting the person who gave it to you. Very classy!

    You look great, too--and you and your blog have been a huge inspiration to me. While I don't think I'll ever go 100% paleo, it's really helped inspire me to have focus on protein/veggies and eat fewer processed carbs. Size does not directly correlate with health, and people who don't realize that are just ignorant.

    I hope you feel better! :hugs: