Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post-Super Storm Sandy Post

I hope all of you who were affected by Super Storm Sandy are safe, dry and warm.  I made it to Boston on Sunday afternoon, on time.  The flight was bumpy but the pilot did his best to fly above the storm at 39,000 feet.  After a fantastic Sunday family dinner at my Mother's house (the best Italian sausages ever,) we made it safely home to my sister's.

We hunkered down during the storm ready with a pump, generator, flashlights, and other supplies essential to hurricane preparedness...

We never lost power and remained safe and dry despite the rain and some fairly scary wind gusts.

The rain has left us this morning and the sun just came out and is shining brightly over my sisters house!  I have eggs en cocotte in the oven for our breakfast.  I'm so happy to be here with my sister and look forward to spending the rest of my trip enjoying my family and fall in New England.  

Have a wonderful week and stay safe!

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  1. That looks like a nice cooling-off drink after a long day! My prayers and best wishes goes out to all persons affected by Sandy. After a storm there's always a calm, stay strong!