Friday, January 11, 2013

Just Say No (to television)

When I was injured last year I missed a lot of work, so my status changed from part-time flex to PRN.  Since then work has been sporadic.  Feast or famine, as the saying goes.  So there are many days that I am at home. Throughout the latter part of last year, as Rob starting being away for longer stretches of time, I began moping in front of the television more and more.  It's so insidious, it took me a while to realize how mentally draining of a habit it became, how much of a time sucking trap.

Last Saturday I instituted the "no moping in front of the television" rule. I've started eating all my meals at the kitchen table, I don't turn the television on until after supper and I'm spending more time outside with my dog.   This first week has been extraordinary.  I can't believe what a difference it has made in my mood, my overall state of mind.  My outlook is much more positive, my house is tidy, clean and on the way to being super organized behind the scenes and I go to bed feeling tired and satisfied that I put my time to good use.  Tally has benefited, too, without me having pony up the cash for doggie daycare.

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A tired dog is a good dog and has a happy Mamma!

One of the projects I tackled was organizing my nail polish stash.  I love following nail polish trends, I love to do my nails which means I have lots of nail polish.  It was a mess!  Under the sink in an overflowing bin, in small boxes here and there and in carrier bags in various drawers.  I pulled them all out...

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I had already given away over 30 bottles last year.  I culled an additional 15 bottles this morning then organized my collection into zip top bags by color family, glitter polishes and special effect topcoats.

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Another project I did today was to make my own "green" spray cleaner. Over the past couple of weeks I started to save my citrus peels, stuffing them into a mason jar filled with distilled white vinegar.  Today I strained out the citrus vinegar and poured it into a spray bottle. I added a teaspoon of dish washing liquid and some filtered water.  WOW!  I just finished cleaning the kitchen and powder room with it, floors and everything.  Streak-free, no residue and it smells amazing.  It's going to get so much use, I am constantly wiping down my kitchen counters because I have a dog and I'm fussy about my food preparation areas.  Cheap, easy, chemical free. You must try it.  (I can't credit any one blog/blogger with the idea.  I've seen all manner of DIY cleaner recipes on Pinterest and this is what I came up with.)

One last thing, another small project I'm taking on. This is from Pinterest, you may have seen it, no one seems to know the creator of this great chart but it is just too good not to share...


Are you up to the challenge?


  1. I keep seeing that savings chart. I tend to save X amount each week and it averages about to be about that much savings over the course of the year anyway, so I guess I am doing it LOL!

    I have a TV rule that I can't watch it unless I have already done the things that I need to do like exercise, practice guitar, some chores and the like. I also now will stand for watching part of the time instead of just sitting. Since I have to sit for my job, I figure I can stand for some TV watching :D

  2. That's an awesome way to save. This is over and above our savings plan for the move. I want to surprise Rob at the end of the year!

  3. I had not seen the savings chart before but what a terrific idea!

    I realized the other day, that I don't listen to music except when in the car.(I love music) TV has replaced that quite a bit at home. I think I'll switch to music and then 'whistle while I work' cause this house needs a good cleaning!

  4. Galen Rose, that's what I did. I started playing music and podcasts to keep me company while I'm moving and working around the house.