Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Chit-Chat

My "Year of Positivity" is turning into a year of productivity, maybe they aren't mutually exclusive. The powder room toilet broke yesterday, the flapper went floppy and the water wouldn't stop running.  I turned off the valve off and put "fix the toilet" on Rob's "Bunny-Do" list.

When I woke up the this morning, I thought, "This isn't the 1950's, you don't clutch your pearls and wait until your husband gets home!"  So I went to Lowe's, bought a flapper and fixed it myself.  It took exactly 3 minutes. Yay, me!

I also shut off the water main to the irrigation system and purged it so the pipes won't burst in case we get a hard freeze.  Not that I'm convinced, since it has been getting warmer all week, it broke 70 yesterday and it's just about 70 right now.

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Poor, confused daffodils!

Two dear friends visited yesterday, I made a lovely brunch that included Deliciously Organic's Grain Free Banana Bread, which turned out beautifully. It lifted nicely and was tender and moist with good banana flavor. It was easy, too.  I dumped all the ingredients into the Vitamix, then poured the batter into the prepared pan.  I can't wait to try it toasted with a cup of tea a bit later.

I also made a half-batch of these maple coconut chocolates. With only two tablespoons of maple syrup for 6 chocolates there is just 3.6 grams of sugar per chocolate about the size of your standard peanut butter cup (which by comparison has 10.5 grams of sugar.)  So rich, we could only eat one each which is saying a lot for me, I can suck up candy like a Dyson. But OH! it just melted it my mouth, so amazingly delicious, I can't even describe.

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I look forward to having one as a treat during my Sunday evening programs.  The Golden Globes are on tonight hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as well as Downton Abbey, which is as delicious as the maple chocolates.  Decisions, decisions.

The dog has been walked and the house is clean.  I look forward to enjoying the rest of my Sunday relaxing. I feel like it has been well earned.  And that's a very good feeling.  Have a fantastic day!

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  1. It is so empowering to do house stuff yourself - but it gets addicting!! :D

    I can't wait for Downton tonight - yay!