Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Post-Beach Slump

I've just returned from six glorious days at the beach.  I've got some unpacking and laundry to do but I've already been food shopping to stock the pantry with healthy goods for Rob's homecoming on Friday.  I've got bones, chicken feet and veggie scraps simmering away for homemade sausage and turnip green soup.  I'm also planning a roast chicken for Sunday and a Thai beef salad for Saturday evening.  

Enough about that, let me tell you about my trip.  My Mother and Auntie are down in Florida soaking up the sun in Saint Augustine for the months of March and April so I couldn't resist a short getaway.  Rob couldn't make it due to being at a critical stage in his current project so I took my friend Donna with me.  

I enjoyed Saint Augustine just as much as I did last year.  It is such a gorgeous beach.  This was the view from the balcony...

 photo 0AE74A75-ED2B-4954-89C8-2770E1901474-2707-00000289342B46D7_zps7f4d823b.jpg

And this was the sunrise on the second morning...

 photo 3B2750FC-49C8-4EE2-BD65-514BB2385613-2707-000002892E9ED49A_zpsb1c91bfe.jpg

We did some serious beach combing where I found some perfect new shells for my collection...

 photo 9B26EBFA-A490-4A9B-B354-595B55D52207-2707-000002892902E1BF_zpsd2be428f.jpg

And we did some combing of the fantastic outlet malls.  Mother bought these amazing Converse All Stars for me.  It was love at first sight. Thanks Ma!

 photo E452B025-3162-4187-833A-E0778BBB9168-2707-000002892C3B650A_zps7c87a6b0.jpg

They also had a fantastic Disney Character Premier outlet that had so much fun stuff.  This two-piece set was a whopping $19.99!  I've been lusting after a thick Disney hoodie for so long but was loathe to spend the $70+ at the parks.  Now I'm all kitted out for our next trip.

 photo 0332A255-63C6-4046-B1E0-67DB4AA0E4FA-2707-000002892FED53AC_zps38b60dfc.jpg

We had lots of fun, it was relaxing and rejuvenating and I loved being able to spend time with my family for the second time this year. 


  1. After getting close to a foot of snow today - these pictures look heavenly!

  2. Glad you had fun! Despite living somewhat near the SoCal beaches, i can't get away enough to just enjoy! I love your new shoes!