Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Forward

More like dragging my feet...the time change never fails to mess with my sleep schedule.  But by the same token, the extra daylight in the evening definitely helps ward off the winter blues!  It's a gorgeous day here in Georgia.  I was able to wear my capri pants and toe shoes when walking with Tally earlier and now I have the windows open because it's warmer outside than in.  Nice to not to have the run the heat!  I will definitely  miss the early spring when we're settled up north, I won't lie.

It was lovely to get up to Boston and see the family and continue our tradition of Saturday family dinner then the Oscar party on Sunday.  It will be nice when family dinner can be a regular occurrence and not just a special occasion.  The trip was too short, as always and I'm back at home and back in my routine.  I don't have too much to report, plodding on.  Looking forward to enjoying the surge of spring energy that comes with longer days and longer walks with the coming milder weather.  

Did the time change mess you up or are you bursting with joy that spring is creeping closer?


  1. I love your blog here! I spent all weekend catching up reading it from the beginning! You are truly an inspiration, as l bought The Flat Belley book and am loving it too! Now off for my 30 min on my elliptical ! Thanks and DO NOT stop blogging !!

  2. Thanks Trish! You made my day. I think I'm going to read my blog from the beginning to find some inspiration, too.