Monday, August 26, 2013

This Was a Tough One to Write

Warning~Long post and poop talk ahead.

Diving right in.  It wasn't just one thing but a perfect shit-storm that sent me into a dark place; re-injuring my hip and knee, although actually I don't think they were fully healed to begin with, not being able to walk the dog and her general behavior had me stressed out, I had to limit my work shifts due to the pain in my hip and knee, Rob being away so much for work and drinking more than socially for solace, very resistant weight gain, developing digestive issues, inability to sleep properly and living on espresso to keep me going. This culminated into a depression and anxiety spiral that I wasn't sure how to fix.  My health was deteriorating, my skin looked drab, I had no energy, the knee and hip just would not heal, and my nails were shredding.  And you know how I am about my nails!

I know enough about the medical community that I did not want to see a doctor. I'd leave the office with a prescription for anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication and that's about it. It was time to be proactive and figure out the root causes of my issues in order to work on a solution.

I did lots of reading and found invaluable information in Diane Sanfillipo's book Practical Paleo: A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle (so much more than a cookbook) and Balanced Bites, her website and podcast. Also the Weston A. Price foundation website is a wealth of information on using nutrition to heal the body and maintain good health.

I knew that I needed to start an anti-inflammatory protocol because inflammation inhibits the body's ability to heal but it wasn't until I read this guest post by Stacey Toth that realized that not having a gallbladder was causing me problems. I had always heard that you could end up with chronic diarrhea after having gallbladder surgery and although I didn't experience that, I developed a series of digestive issues like gas, bloating and swinging from loose stools to brick-style constipation and the shredding nails and unhealthy skin was a sure sign that I wasn't absorbing nutrients.

After enrolling Tally in a training camp with Atlanta's Dog Wizard, I started the Balanced Bites 21 Day Sugar Detox at level 2. No sugar, no booze, no inflammatory grains while eating lots of high quality fat, protein and vegetables for three weeks.

I got back into corrective Chiropractic care.

I added three supplements. Gelatin was the first thing I added in addition to increasing my bone broth consumption. Gelatin is instrumental in joint health, digestive health and the health of skin and nails. I use both Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin and it's non-gelling counterpart,Great Lakes Gelatin, Gelatin Collagen

Next I added Ox Bile, one capsule with every meal. 

Finally, I bit the financial bullet and started taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil. I had read lots of articles about it previously but was cheap and kept on taking regular fish oil instead.  I highly encourage you to read these two articles about FCLO.  

Cod Liver Oil Basics at Weston A. Price

I started to move from toxic house care items to more health friendly versions as well as changing my personal care routine to a more non-toxic approach.

After the initial three week detox, I started working within a Paleo template customized for my specific health issues. What have been my results?  I'll cover that in another post.


  1. As someone with no gallbladder (had mine removed in 2003 -- I had stones and was told that removal was the best way to make sure that a recurrence didn't lead to pancreatitis) this post is super interesting. Off to read more...

  2. I'm in the midst of that downward spiral right now and just trying to get back to taking care of myself a little more. Really interested in doing a detox and am curious about the cod liver oil. I'd love to find a good routine of things to get and keep my health on track, absolutely with good for you food/eating, but also with any supplements that i need. Good for you!

  3. Such a great post. I can see such a big difference - your hard work is so worth it!

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