Monday, September 2, 2013

Not So Dirty Hippie~ Chemical Free Hair Color

MY 800th POST!

I'm on a quest to rid toxic products from my personal care routine, which I mentioned briefly in this post. I've made many changes, which I promise to address in more depth because it's been quite a fun and interesting process. One of the toughest to change was hair color. How can I keep my hair from looking drab while not piling toxic chemicals on my scalp every 3-4 weeks?  

 photo null_zps5175a3bc.jpg
Before, so very drab 

I used to use henna quite often back in the late 90's/early 2000's. I would bring back tubs of LUSH Caca Rouge and Caca Brun from England with me. That before they started selling it in bar form and before the obnoxious 3 ounce air travel limit.

Henna was messy but it made my hair so healthy and shiny. I began to wonder if there was a henna product in the blond color family that I could use to highlight my silvers. Enter Ancient Sunrise Cassia Obovata.

 photo null_zpsa9ce4d9f.jpg

Cassia is not actually henna, but it is prepared and applied in a similar manner. It is a plant with a golden yellow dye molecule that will not lighten hair. It will deposit shiny, golden pigment onto pale blond and gray hair.

 photo null_zps9c8c4fdf.jpg

To prepare cassia for application, I mixed about 100 grams with lemon juice until it was a thick, muddy consistency and let it sit overnight.  Prior to application, I added a bit of water to smooth it out and make the consistency easy to apply.  I slathered it thickly onto dry hair.

 photo null_zps63063ec5.jpg

Wrapped it up with several layers of plastic wrap.  Woot, I'm cute!

 photo null_zps2f19d4e3.jpg

Then put on a terry cap to keep the heat in.  I wandered around the house doing chores for 3 hours.

 photo null_zpsdb5c890b.jpg

Then I rinsed, shampooed twice, and rinsed again. Wow, this stuff is stinky! Next time I will heed the advice to add powdered ginger to the mixture to make it smell better.  I added a drop of one of my favorite Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils (Havana, a blend of date palm, dried tobacco, snakeroot, and leather) to my leave in conditioner which did the trick and made my hair smell great.

 photo null_zpsb6e2dfd6.jpg

And the results are amazing, my hair feels thick and smooth and look how shiny! The golden hue was just was I was  hoping for and worth the effort. My sensitive scalp is so happy with the results, too.

If you'd like to try cassia or another henna make sure it is PURE and purchased from a reputable company and read the FAQs to see if this plant based hair conditioning color is right for you.


  1. Looks great. I used to use red henna and loved it. Well I think I was in lust with my male hair dresser when I lived in NYC. He was gorgeous & took me for my first tattoo. Anyhoo, henna is fantastic and you look marvelous.