Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Not So Dirty Hippie~ Chemical Free Personal Care

Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with beauty-care products. Some of my favorite childhood memories are when Nana would take us to Freedom Drug in Seabrook, NH and let us loose in the beauty department. Maybelline Kissing Potion, Rose Milk body lotion and Camay soap were my favorites when I was 10 going on 25. Do you remember these goodies?

photo courtesy of Camay VonFurstenberg

photo courtesy of Kooky Kitch

photo courtesy of Vintage Fanatic

I still LOVE beauty products and I had great fun making the switch from regular, factory-chemical laden products to personal care products that would assist in my quest to decrease my toxic load. 

Our skin is our largest organ, anything we apply to our skin is absorbed into our bodies.  For example, medication can be administered via different routes; oral/subligual (via the mouth/under the tongue,) subcutaneous(via an injection into the skin,) intramuscular (via an injection into the muscle,) and trans dermal (via the skin.) Medication applied to the skin is absorbed and metabolized by the body, the same as any other route, so it is a medical certainty that whatever is in those pots and tubes you apply to your skin is also absorbed into the body.

I didn't make the transition overnight. It took about three months to transition the following areas...
Hair color
Hair care
Facial skin care
Body skin care
tooth paste

To avoid information overload, I'll address each of these areas in separate posts.  In the meantime, take a look at the Skin Deep database and let me know what you find out about your products.

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