Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Three Months Later (Update Post)

The following update is the follow up to this post. If you hadn't read it yet, check it out so the update makes sense.

That post really *was* tough to write, but it was even tougher to go through. It always amazes me how well my body does off sugar/booze/wheat/grains. Processed sugar and excess booze feeds depression and anxiety in me, and gluten messes with my digestive system. Case in point; I've had debilitating cramps and diarrhea since the Labor Day weekend pizza splurge.

It's been three months since I started the Balanced Bites 21 Day Sugar Detox at level 2. It wasn't instantaneous relief, but after the first week to ten days I noticed decreased digestive issues (no gas, no belching, no symptoms of IBS.) I was sleeping better, managing stress better, just happier overall. I started to experience less joint pain and have much more energy naturally, not from relying on that giant espresso every day. Imagine my excitement to have had made these improvements in my health by just making some dietary adjustments.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox is a short term program to get you off completely off sugar and at level two off grains, both which are highly inflammatory to my system, and to increase your intake of fresh whole foods.  Is it a cure-all?  No. But it's the very best first step for anyone who wants off the diet/junk food roller coaster and get on a path to increased health and vitality. Unlike a Whole 30, it's much more user friendly. Although I had a mostly positive Whole 30 experience when I did it last year,  that whole approach come across extremely antagonistic toward food. Food is the enemy and somehow you're weak and foolish if you occasionally make and eat a "Paleo" pancake or cookie. I mean, seriously, I LOVE FOOD. There is such pleasure to be had in deliciously prepared food shared with people you love. I wanted a program that embraced that, while nourishing my body and helping me with the health issues I've been suffering. This is the very best thing about Dianne Sanfillipo's approach to food.  It should be enjoyable, it should be delicious and it should be deeply nourishing.

After the initial three week detox, I started working within a Paleo template that I feel works best for me.  I made much use of the handy guides at the back of Practical Paleo. They are such a wealth of knowledge as to what foods to include and what to avoid. They are available free for download at Balanced Bites. Take a look and see just what wonderful, nutrient dense foods await you!

Getting back into corrective Chiropractic care was also a big help. I started with twice weekly visits and now I'm down to twice a month. My hip feels as good as it did back in 2010 and my right knee keeps improving.  I'm out walking more often. Tally's training camp with the dog wizard was amazing, she's such a great walking partner now. No more pulling, no more tripping me up.  I recently won a blog giveaway for a T-Tapp workout DVD, so I'm looking forward to seeing what that is all about when my prize package arrives.  Watch this space for more information on that.  

Supplement update. Since adding gelatin and increasing my bone broth consumption (I use Great Lakes Unflavored Gelatin and it's non-gelling counterpart, Great Lakes Gelatin, Gelatin Collagen) my skin and nails are much improved. My skin looks smooth and glowing.  I also think the gelatin consumption was instrumental in my joint healing. Gelatin also heals the gut, which is perfect when trying to improve digestive issues. I make these fun sweet and sour gelatin bites to snack on and add the collagen (non-gelling type of gelatin) to my morning hot drink.

Next I added Ox Bile, one capsule with every meal. My stool quality is much improved, digestion much easier. I wish the gastroenterologist had told me I'd need to replace bile to help assimilate nutrition once my gallbladder was removed. It is nice to know that my body is absorbing the nutrition I'm feeding it.  My nails are no longer peeling, they are growing nice and strong, this is a good sign!

Finally, Fermented Cod Liver Oil. Ponying up the dough for these beauties proved to be a revelation. No other supplement on the market can touch FCLO. It's a superfood multi, a mega-omega, an anti-depressant, an anti-anxiety and probiotic all in one. I take two caps three times a day but will play with the amounts as I gain more health. 

I highly encourage you to read these two articles about FCLO. 

Cod Liver Oil Basics at Weston A. Price

I've made the shift from toxic personal care products to chemical free/non-toxic or homemade versions.  I've swapped out deodorant, toothpaste, body wash, facial care, hair care, hair color, counter spray and I'm still making and using this homemade laundry soap. 

Why go non-toxic?  The skin is the largest organ in the body and it absorbs whatever you put on it.  I read an article that states women can wear over 500 chemicals a day. Many of these chemicals disrupt hormones and may potentially cause, at best, skin irritation and at worst, cancer and organ damage. 

It was an interesting transition but overall I'm very happy with the changes I made. I'll talk more about it in a future post.

So all this time I'm talking about ZOMGPALEO and supplements but I bet you all want to know if I lost any weight. My main focus is gaining health and deeply nourishing my body, but if fat loss is a side effect of that I'm not going to complain. I lost 10 pounds by the end of the first 21 days and another 8 as of the end of last week.  So 18 pounds total.


  1. I am so glad you found something that makes you feel good!

  2. I have not had a great first attempt at the sugar cleanse, but I think it's easy enough for me during the week (my husband kills it!) that I'll be eating that way even if I'm not following the exact "cleanse." The one thing I found myself missing was mayo -- I need to go buy some farm fresh eggs and good EVOO and make a batch! (Tuna salad made with dilled sour cream is just not the same!)

  3. Its so good to hear your inspirational stories and they really do help me to stay motivated. So thank you so much for that!