Thursday, October 31, 2013


I'm currently incapacitated with sudden onset vertigo. I spent most of the day in the emergency department yesterday. I had a brain scan which ruled out stroke or a tumor, which is very good news. But they still don't know the cause. I'm seeing a specialist tomorrow. Until then, I have to stay medicated with anti-nausea medication, anti-vertigo medication and Valium and rest. I'm not safe on my feet nor can I look at a computer/tablet/television screen for any length of time. The best relief is when I'm laying still with my eyes closed.

This is threatening to thwart my semi-annual trip to Boston, which was going to include a very dear friend's wedding. I'm hoping the specialist will have something positive to tell me because I'm scared shitless, and I can barely walk across the room unassisted.

In order to keep a positive outlook on things, here's a little giggle. I will keep you posted and all good thoughts are much appreciated.


  1. I am so sorry Andra. I hope they find a solution for you fast.

  2. Hoping that you are on the mend ASAP! It's so funny when it happens to Lucille Austero, not so funny when it happens to Andra.

  3. Oh, no - how awful!!!
    If that little gif is an indication of the vertigo I don't know how you could even type - watching that made me dizzy.
    I hope that you get some answers and that it is nothing major!!!

  4. Oh boy, Andra - that sounds awful. Hope they find out what's happening soon and can do something for you.

    Only time I've known anything remotely similar was an inner ear infection which had me falling over and throwing up like a pro. Thankfully, it was but a temporary blip.

    Here's hoping your's will be too. Take care.

  5. My mom suffeted from vertigo temporarily and really couldn't walk without hitting the wall. Lasted a few weeks for her, cause never found. Returned every once in a great while. Hope this is brief for you and some silly cause that will be giggled over one day. Fingers crossed it goes away before boston!

  6. Hope you feel better soon Sally, I hate having vertigo - fortunately mine doesn't last long.