Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vestibular Neuritis

It's been quite a week, but there is light at the end of the (ear) tunnel. After a consultation with an Otolaryngologist (a doctor who specializes in disorders of the head and neck,) I have been diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis.

"Vestibular neuritis and labyrinthitis are disorders resulting from an infection that inflames the inner ear or the nerves connecting the inner ear to the brain. This inflammation disrupts the transmission of sensory information from the ear to the brain. Vertigo, dizziness, and difficulties with balance, vision, or hearing may result." Courtesy of Vestibular.Org

Dr. Kauffman put me on a course of anti-viral medication and also prescribed a course of Prednisone, which I declined, and gave me some crazy head exercises that are supposed to help the inner ear and brain to start working together again to bring equilibrium.  They are working!  I'm not there yet, but I'm miles from where I was when I was curled up in a vomiting heap in the emergency room on Wednesday. I can even walk around unassisted and stopped taking the anti-nausea and anti-vertigo medications.  

Interesting to note, other than the virus, I am in perfect health. All my vital signs and blood work are textbook and my hearing is perfect. They did an audiology test to rule out other diseases. Not exactly the best way to go about getting an otherwise clean bill of health, but I'm looking at it as a good thing.

I want to thank all of you for your well wishes, it means so much. I also want to thank my husband for looking after me and walking me to the bathroom in the middle of the night and of course, Nurse Tally. She never left my side during the worst of it. This little experience with debility is nothing compared to what so many people go through in a daily basis. It gives me new perspective and a renewed gratitude for my health and the health of my nearest and dearest.

I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to make my flight on Thursday. Keep your fingers crossed for me! I wish you all the happiest and healthiest of weekends and will see you when I return.


  1. Glad you have a diagnosis that is fixable! Are you doing the Valsalva maneuvers? Those are whacky, but work!

  2. Good news that you have something solid to work with now :) Keep us update please.

  3. Hi Andra......i happened to visit ur blog in June 2013 and found that u are not blogging any more......I really really found ur blog soooo very good !! I read almost all the previous posts !! Suddenly today i came back on the blog and saw sooo many new posts......was sooo glad to c u back !!! But i am sorry to note u r not very well....My best wishes dear....with a right diagnosis and medication you wud be back with full vigour very soon !! Have a good day !!