Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I decided to make my first visit to the new gym the Aquafit class. I almost talked myself out of it last night and this morning. Always my own worst enemy! I'm not usually prudish but locker room nudity makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps that's why I always joined very basic gyms, never had to use the locker room. But I soldiered on, got nekkid, put on my bathing suit and got in the pool.

Aquafit was fun! Easy on the body but definitely a good workout. I can see myself making the Wednesday class part of my routine. I treated myself to some time on the whirlpool then the redwood sauna after the class.  Oh, how I love saunas and hot-tubs though dragging home the bag full of sopping wet gear is another story.

I just got some cute new tee shirts to wear for lifting. Motivating and funny! I like the longer arm length and the v-neck is flattering.

I just finished cleaning out the master closet. I find it daunting parting with certain things but I gave myself some tough love and chucked out all the old, stained tee shirts and even have some things to donate. Packing for the beach is going to be so much easier now.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I'm still here, still fighting the good fight. I got sick after the trial (again.) The Predinsone I took in the fall definitely did some damage to my immune system and I've been behind the 8-ball ever since. I had a bad case of strep throat with a sinus and ear infection that snowballed into a bad head and chest cold that lingered for over a month, had to cancel my Boston trip because of it. :(

I've been juicing lots of vegetables, drinking plenty of bone broth, and drinking kefir to try stay healthy and I think it's working. I feel pretty good, if not a little out of sorts from the time change. Oh, stop whining! 

We had a little taste of spring on Tuesday, it was 80 and sunny and breezy and heavenly.  But then it got cold again. I'm pretty pleased we didn't get more snow like other parts of the country.

Getting and staying healthy is my top priority as I have rescheduled my Boston trip.  I'm flying up in July, which is going to be awesome because I have not been back to New England in summer months for years and it's such a great time to visit. Lobster bakes, beaches, drives up the coast!  I've also got a beach trip planned for later this month. My Mother and Auntie (The Ducks) are living it up on the beach at Saint Augustine and Donna and I are heading down to spend some time with them. I can't wait to get some sand between my toes.

In other news, I just joined a gym because after reading this fantastic article, I realized how much I miss lifting. It's one of the few fitness activities I enjoy at and thought it was high time I got back to it.

I was going to re-join where I was previously going but they raised their prices and I started putting scripture up on their website. It just turned me off because while he may be for some, Jesus is not my co-pilot or my personal trainer. So, I hopped over the LA Fitness website and found an online special, an offer I couldn't pass up. No contract, reasonable monthly dues, no bible thumping. Maybe I'll even try a spin class (eh, maybe not.)

I'm going to dust off my copy of The New Rules of Lifting for Women (affiliate link) and get going on that. I will let you know how I like my new gym and try not to complain too much about the delayed onset muscle soreness that I'm bound to have. Everyone has different ideas about what "get in shape" means but all I know is the shape of my couch is not the one I'm loving on me right now.