Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I decided to make my first visit to the new gym the Aquafit class. I almost talked myself out of it last night and this morning. Always my own worst enemy! I'm not usually prudish but locker room nudity makes me uncomfortable. Perhaps that's why I always joined very basic gyms, never had to use the locker room. But I soldiered on, got nekkid, put on my bathing suit and got in the pool.

Aquafit was fun! Easy on the body but definitely a good workout. I can see myself making the Wednesday class part of my routine. I treated myself to some time on the whirlpool then the redwood sauna after the class.  Oh, how I love saunas and hot-tubs though dragging home the bag full of sopping wet gear is another story.

I just got some cute new tee shirts to wear for lifting. Motivating and funny! I like the longer arm length and the v-neck is flattering.

I just finished cleaning out the master closet. I find it daunting parting with certain things but I gave myself some tough love and chucked out all the old, stained tee shirts and even have some things to donate. Packing for the beach is going to be so much easier now.


  1. Haha - T-rex pushups. I have been working on those and I don't like pushups. :D

    Glad you found a class you like! I always loved the hot tub at my old gym. My current gym doesn't have one. I would love to have a hot tub at home. That might make winters more bearable because it is fun to be in them in the snow (until you get out)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed your first class and I love the t-shirts!