Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bow Ties Are Cool

The desk agent at the gym greeted with me with a warm smile and was wearing a bow tie. This about sums up how happy I am with my new gym. It's not perfect, there is the gum popping guy (I could even hear him through the music on my headphones) and of course, the obligatory trainer having his trainee do heavily loaded back squats using the Smith machine. But it's super clean and I've managed to work the nearly-empty times into my schedule.

I've been lifting two days a week using the The New Rules of Lifting for Women program along with the AquaFit classes in between.  And I have found a new favorite...

The rowing machine!  I make like Frank Underwood and plot ways to vanquish my enemies while rowing away like a lunatic.  It's deceptively difficult, I started off doing 2 minutes and have worked my way up to 10 minutes of high intensity intervals. It's smooth, very low impact but hits about every muscle and gets the heart pumping like crazy.  Something about activates endorphins like nothing else, I started laughing so hard when when I was done, it was a really good feeling.


  1. Glad you like the new place - and I am LOLing at your Frank Underwood-ness. Just don't push anyone in front of the train!

  2. Nice to hear that you like your new gym! My old gym was very dirty but it was awesome to train with the people there they have motivated me so much... last month it was closed forever cause the owner died :(

    Hope you keep up the good work!!! Regards

  3. So - a rowing machine. How does this compare to a recumbent bike? The gym I use has some pretty outdated equipment but I love the easy to get to location and I've made many friends there. As for a bow tie - wow - you don't see one of them very often. Very cool indeed.

  4. rowing machine amazing machine I really like it so much and have one

  5. Same here love to eat and hate to exercise.