Friday, May 5, 2017

Blogilates Challenge for May 2017

I updated the header to reflect some recent photos. One was from August of last year. We were in Florida and it was so hot, I was miserable, but I looked happy in the photo because we were in the cocktail lounge and I was deep in the Champagne cocktails by this time. The other photo is from Tuesday of this week. Not too bad for 47, I'd say!

I belong to a Facebook group called No Finish Line Nation. It's full of great motivation and support. They do monthly fitness challenges. This month's challenge is Blogilates 30 day flat abs. I have no illusions about ever having flat abs but the back doctor told me to strengthen my core in order to decrease back pain, so this seemed like a good challenge for me to take part in.

I started on May 1st and have been working on it each day. It's really working! I am noticing a decrease in my back pain, Doc is on to something. I'm going to commit to doing this every day until completed. Doing nine leg lifts after rowing 20 minutes was tough! I'm getting stronger, though, and that's the goal.

In other news, I'm still in a holding pattern with my knees. I called the insurance company to see what the hold up is in the approval process. Turns out, the doctor's office NEVER sent the pre-certification papers. I was so angry! I called the doctor's office and had a good rant. Nearly three weeks of waiting in pain 24/7, so much that it's disturbing my sleep, for nothing. I'm calling the insurance and the doctor's office again on Monday. And will keep pestering them until I get some relief. This is my life these people are playing with. I'll keep calling until I get some treatment. No matter what happens with health insurance in this country, you have to be your own advocate. Demand the care you deserve and are paying through the nose for!


  1. This is exactly something I've been looking for! I'm dealing with terrible pain from an inflamed SI joint/sciatica which is making playing with, and picking up, my very small children tough. Thanks for posting!

    1. I have definitely noticed an increase in core strength just in the 11 days of working the challenge and a big decrease in back pain. I hope it works for you! Keep me posted.