Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Goals Review

I set myself two goals for May. First was to get "blue dot" days every day for the whole month. The second was to complete the Flat Abs challenge I posted about. One was a complete success, the other, was less so. 

I slept crazy one night last week and had a painful neck for DAYS. I couldn't even turn my head at one point, lest I got a shooting pain up into my head and down into my back. It was not fun. That means I didn't finish the last five days of the Flat Abs challenge. I am going to do the days that aren't checked off on my tracking sheet, though. I have one week before I leave for Boston and that will be the perfect time to complete it. I'm going to do the next day on the calendar as soon as I hit "publish."

What is a blue dot day? In my Weight Watchers tracker, there is a calendar that tracks your monthly progress for staying in my "healthy point range" which is three points below to seven points over my daily point target. 

This challenge proved to me that the Smartpoints plan is perfect for me. I don't obsess about calories, or cutting out whole food groups, I just focus on eating nutritious and delicious food in the appropriate portions. It's amazing how I'm never hungry when I'm not supposed to be. That means I'm getting enough food to keep me satisfied and energized. 


In other news, I have tendinitis in my Achilles' as diagnosed by my ortho. Ice and rest and no rowing until it heals. Poop! I miss rowing, but it hasn't impeded my progress at all, so that's good. I had my second set of injections in my knees. Holy merde! The second set hurt like a bastard, so bad that I am dreading the final set on Tuesday. The recovery time for this second set was a bit longer. I hope the final set doesn't impede me for my Boston trip.

Goals for June are a bit more loose. I'm traveling from the 8th through the 15th. I'm aiming for blue dot days but not going over my target of 31 points from today until the 7th. I'm going to be using weekly points while I'm away, which I'm typically stingy with. I sent up a bunch of my "on track" staples up before me so I can be on track all day and enjoy the restaurant meals we'll be having in the evening. My plan is to make nutritious choices and enjoy a dirty martini and a glass of wine here and there. 

We talked about "vacation mode" at our meeting last week. Our leader says that if you don't track or stay on plan while you're away, fine, we all have to live our lives, but to make a plan for the exact moment when you will be off vacation mode and stick to it, otherwise a weekend away will turn into a week or two of food indulgences and then it's even harder to bounce back. I love this! I have made my goal to be off vacation mode the morning I wake up to come home. I have a fairly early flight. I will arrange grocery delivery the evening before so I have no excuses for eating takeout, like I always do first day home after travel. I've got this!


  1. I hope those shots work for you. The cortisone shot for my shoulder was like a miracle after a couple days. I don't know how long it lasts, but I'm happy now. I wish the same success for you.

  2. I have been thinking a lot about "vacation mode" as we start the annual parade of visitors who come to stay with us and enjoy or tourist town. It means a lot of eating out for me, and a lot more drinks and other indulgences. I came up with a plan that is pretty much what your group leader has suggested: I am NOT going to calorie count for the days I am entertaining. I AM going to try to make healthy choices around those days, and even during this days when possible. And I am going to double down and sticking with my goals when I am on my own. We're headed downstate for 3 days tomorrow and normally I would have been lazy about tonight's dinner. NOPE. Not this time. I thawed pork tenderloin and will stop on my way home for just enough vegetables for the night.