Thursday, August 24, 2017

Day 31, and DONE!

Day 31 and I'm doing the David Venable HAPPY DANCE!!!

Benefits of this round in order of happy dance-ness~ my pain levels are the lowest they have been in years. My skin looks fantastic. My anxiety and depression are locked in the dungeon with the sugar dragon. GIRL, BYE! My hunger signals are starting to make sense. I am sleeping like a champ. I feel energetic and have a mental clarity that I didn't know was possible at this age. MY PAIN LEVELS ARE THE LOWEST THEY HAVE BEEN IN YEARS!!! I lost six pounds.

The not so happy dance~ I have tremendous food boredom and I'm sick of being chained to the stove.

Going forward~ I'm going to stick with a Paleo-ish template within the WW plan, perhaps looking into the Simply Filling rather than the straight up points tracking. I haven't figured out my re-intro plan yet, though I"m pretty sure I want to stay wheat, sugar, and dairy free mostly because I need to keep the pain levels down.

We're going out to eat on Friday night. I'm going to have Pho, I'm craving urpy--slurpy-spicy noodles, we'll see how rice does me. And someone else gets to cook and clean up, SQUEE!!!

I'm off shopping and to treat myself to a pedicure.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Day 22~ Tiger Blood

Tiger blood, it is here, and I hope it stays. I FEEL AMAZING! (Don't tell the gremlins, please.)

I'm managing well with Weight Watchers and Whole 30. I had my meeting this morning, which is always my favorite hour of the week. Even getting on the scale every week isn't a problem. It's not triggering any issues for me, and I've been very pleased with my progress. Sure, the numbers are cool, but the non-scale victories are really a big boost for me. I've been, piece by piece, shopping in my closet adding smaller clothes into rotation. I laughed the other day when Rob asked "where's your butt gone?" And the best thing of all, I'm back into my gorgeous wedding ring. It's probably been four years since my fat finger busted out of it, and it feels heavenly to be wearing it again.

I'm feeling alert and energetic. Like crazy energetic. My pain is down. My Achilles, my right knee, and low back were great at work yesterday. I only started having some low level pain toward the end of my shift. And it was pretty busy of a shift. I'm feeling so good that I picked up a shift tomorrow as a favor. I hope I don't regret it, because the gremlins know when you are doing a favor and no good deed ever goes unpunished. Any nurses reading this will understand. But turning energy into money is always a good thing.

I've dialed in the eating quite a bit, as far as making sure my plates look like the Whole 30 template for all three meals. It definitely keeps me full and satisfied, and all the vegetable and protein make it easy to stay within my points. I haven't really been snacky at all. I think this is a fantastic template, generally, and would do well to replace the food pyramid. Yeah, right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt! (Pardon the expression, I recently watched Wayne's World again for the billionth time.) 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Day 13~Feeling Good and mini book review of Food Freedom Forever

They mean business when they say days 10 and 11 are the worst! For me, day 10 was definitely bad, I felt rotten, cranky, tired, and hungry. Just so hungry. I feel like I ate my weight in cashew butter that day. Not recommended, not buying it again, I obviously cannot be trusted with it in the house.

By day 11 I was feeling much better. The raging hunger was gone, and I felt clearer and more energetic. I felt fantastic yesterday, very focused. And today, I'm feeling really good, too. My hunger is very minimal, which is to say, I'm hungry when I'm supposed to be. I'm also sleeping and pooping like a champ, and my pain level is down. I'll be interested to see how my low back fares at work tomorrow, since it's been feeling fantastic. My anxiety levels are super low, which feels amazing. (Anyone who tells you food doesn't affect mood is a damn, dirty liar.)

My focus is returning, which makes me so happy. I'm a reader, I love to read. I typically read 10-20 books a year, not as many as my friend Jen, who reads like 150 books a year, but, it's something I enjoy. This year, I have been so brain-fogged and unable to focus, that I haven't been able to get past chapter seven in any of the books I have started. Disappointing. It's not the books, it's me!

My copy of Food Freedom Forever, by Melissa Hartwig arrived yesterday. She's the co-founder of the Whole 30 program and this follow up book is worth the read. My focus is back, and I read a book! I read most of it yesterday, and just about finished it up this morning. I have a couple of chapters left. It focuses on the how to customize a "reset" if you don't want to go balls out with a Whole 30. I like the emphasis on the re-introduction phase and why it's important to do it carefully and calculated. Like if you go out for cocktails, and pizza, and ice cream on day 31 to celebrate the end of your 30 days. You wake up bloated, with diarrhea, a breakout, and joint pain. How will you know what caused which? Was it the alcohol, the sugar, the dairy, the gluten?

Melissa has chapters devoted to mental strategies on how to break the cycle of diet/binge/depression that comes with our attachment to certain types of food. I know I'll be referring to these chapters again and again, because it's a fresh approach, no-nonsense, and enough tough love to really make you look long and hard as to why we engage in certain food behaviors and why it's so hard to stop them.

I had epiphany yesterday while reading this book. While an elimination protocol as strict as the Whole 30 might seem like a exercise in self-torture, it's really doing the body and brain a kindness. Removing foods that give the brain and mouth pleasure is hard, and the rebellious reaction to it is very telling. Why are we so dependent on the things that we know harm us? Something worth thinking about, I suppose.

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