Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Checking In

I just realized it's been nearly a month since I've written anything. We spent a long weekend in Savannah for my birthday in September. Rob was terribly sick with bronchitis and sinusitis while we were there but he's a trooper. We had a good time, some really good food, and an epic Old-Fashioned cocktail at the hotel lobby bar that I will remember fondly for years to come.

My back went out again, that long walk on the beach that did such good things for my spirit, sent my pelvis out of whack, which in turn, sent my back out in the shower while shaving my legs two weeks ago today. I'm still in a little pain, but a few trips to the Chiropractor has me mobile again, and I visited another Chiropractor who specializes in gua sha. I'm going for another session tomorrow. I got some decent pain relief for my Achilles' tendinitis. It hurts like hell during, but it feels great afterward!

I'm other news, I just booked tickets to see Matt Bellessai at Atlanta's City Winery in December. I love him and his brand of humor. I'm looking forward to that.

I'm still doing well with a whole foods, low grain, low sugar, dairy free Weight Watchers way of eating. I'm feeling pretty good, but want to be more active. The pain keeps getting in the way. I need to get out with Tally every morning for a walk, no excuses. And if I keep getting less pain in my heel, I'd love to get back on the rowing machine. Ugh, why couldn't I have been one of those people who just decides to go running when stressed, instead of running for the chocolate?

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