Thursday, October 19, 2017

Seventy-Three Days

In case you haven't heard~ THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!! The shops are trying to make us stuff our faces with Halloween candy and start buying winter holiday trimmings. I hate feeling rushed, like when people are clamoring for fall and Halloween in the middle of summer. The older I get, the more I like to slow down and enjoy things as they come, like the present moment. Maybe that's just me.

I was reading through some posts on a Facebook group that is mostly made up of Weight Watchers members, but it's basically a weight loss/fitness support group. One person was lamenting that they had already fallen face down in the Halloween candy and didn't know if they would be able to reign things in during the "holiday season." 

I know the feeling well. In year's past, the arrival of October would signal a free-for-all attitude of eat ALL the things for the next three months. My reply to this plea for support was that there are seventy-three days left in 2017, and the actual "holidays" account for exactly FIVE of them (give or take depending on exactly what an individual prefers to celebrate.) So, by all means, enjoy those special days, enjoy your friends, family, and food and drink traditions without guilt. 

But it's what you do with the other sixty-eight days is what can really make the difference. Stick to your healthy eating and purposeful movement plans on the remaining days of the year and end the year with a weight loss or fitness gain, instead of weight gain and remorse.

I have a small weight loss goal that I'd like to have completed before the calendar turns over to 2018. I'm posting here for accountability. I want to enjoy my holiday season, we're not traveling this year, we're going to be home at Shady Dame and spend time together with our Tally. Rob has been away for work quite a bit recently and it will be a time to reconnect. What I don't want is to derail all the progress I have made since mid March and hit the ground running into the new year. Not that I'm trying to rush it, though. ;)

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